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            Company introduction


            Suzhou Unistar Mold Technology is a company concentrating on the injection molds for the packagings of food, cosmetics and for medical parts. We are devoted to produce high quality molds with multi-cavity,short cycle time and long life time. The total investment was 40,000,000RMB.Unistar's technical team has a work background of famous foreign companies in the world. By integrating the most advanced techniques in western mold industry with quick, flexible and comprehensive service attitude, we can provide first-rate mold and service for customers both domestic and overseas.

            Unistar has acquired the right of self-managed import&export, and also has been certified by ISO9001. At present, we support many excellent packaging companies in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

            We are looking forward to establishing cooperative relationship with you. Together , we can create a bright future!

            Suzhou Unistar Mold Technology Co.,Ltd.
            Address:No.9 Kefu Road, Luzhi Town Wuzhong District Suzhou China.
            Phone:0512-66026851 66026852
            ?2015-2018 Suzhou Unistar Mold Technology Co.,Ltd.
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